On August 22, 2010 the Austin American Statesman stated:
"...Austin Energy plans its first base rate increase in nearly two decades..."

Dramatically cut your energy costs by having your home insulated with spray polyurethane foam today!
Rates will only go up and will be going up shortly. 
Spray Foam is an investment in your future.

Think spray foam.  Think Centex Spray Foam!

Certainteed Open Foam    energy-star

The Many Benefits of Spray Foam

CertainTeed’s CertaSpray™ foam insulation provides you with outstanding energy efficiency and these benefits:
  • The best R-value insulation that money can buy, Energy Star® insulation - comfort and peace of mind for the life of your home, superior energy savings of approximately 50%
  • Odorless, urea formaldehyde, inert with no off-gassing - provides a healthier indoor air quality, safe environment
  • No upward air draft - superior indoor thermal comfort
  • Superior air sealing (fills every nook and void especially irregular cavities; no seems; eliminates air infiltration) - stabilizes indoor air quality, acts as a great thermal barrier, seals the attic from collecting dust, moisture barrier other benefits of a non-vented attic
  • Adds structural (and racking) strength - strong yet workable and better able to withstand high winds
  • Does not shrink, sag or settle - an insulate once, permanent solution
  • No R-value loss over time - maximizes return on investment over time
  • Excellent sound barrier - a quieter home, eliminates unwanted noises, helps with creaking
  • Adheres to most construction materials - flexible usage, low-cost insulation solution
  • Water resistant - mildew and fungus resistant
  • No food value - insect resistant
  • Reduction of A/C tonnage and furnace BTUs requirements - significant HVAC system cost reduction
  • Maximum of about 85 F in the attic - makes attic storage a real, workable and functional solution
  • Most often applied to attic ceiling - saves attic work area space, doesn't preclude attic movement as does deep batt or blown-in insulation
  • Excellent public acceptance - increases first sale or resale value
  • Multiple solutions - open cell, closed cell and hybrid - engineered to solve each problem, design flexibility
  • Unique adhesive properties - prevent or minimize special problems like staircase creaking
  • Over a short period of time, spray foam pays for itself - cost effective insulation
  • Tax credit and rebates may be available - significantly reduce installation cost
  • Lifetime guarantee from the nation’s leading manufacturer of insulation and building products - Certainteed Corp.

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